26 December 2010

Heyy my dearest readest *perasan kau wanyy ade readers --' Hum you know wht? My lovely Girlfren accident Goshh! Aku dpt news pon time maghrib tadi Fadhlie Youg yg bgtau Aku ingat dia main2 kan Tapi mmg betul serious --' Ifaa with her boyf Fitry And both patah kaki okayy ! Perghh how come seyy Nazifahh sygg im worried about youu dohh :'( Lets pray for her Tadi call but abangg dia yg angkt Dia kata ifaa under operation Masuk besi i guess Ifaa sabaa ea? So besok im going to meet her with the others Wynlift *Insyaallah

To Nazifahh Mustaffa : Get well soon sygg Banyakkan sabaa Me and the others Prayy for you babe ♥