15 August 2010

/// annn-niversarry

sayangg, its 3 month we,ve been together.laughing together and sharing everything please sygg ? love me with all your heart.ineedyouuso much ! i want to be with you only two times.NOW and Foerever :')

mohd zulfadhli , ILOVEYOUU :)

/// Vaaaa-nessssa :)

gila bab punye cantek en dye niy ? haishh !
i want to be as superb as her :)
*as i wish.suke pic yg last niyy.hee

//Shoes Shoes Shoes

yeahh ! memandangkan this month is syawal
andand nxt month is ramadhan ,
so mestylaa nk shopping kn?
so.....maaaak , can i hve one of this thinggy yang freakin' cool?

Please Please Please :)
i need to look more taller than myself --"