29 December 2010

Taggy (:

Okayy di tag sekali lagi by Izzuddin Thnkyouu Sorry lambat buat Tapi tade laa lambat sgt kan Hee Thank to you (:

Name : Nur Syazwani binti Zaini
Nick Name : Wanyy Only (:
Birthdate : 25 December 1994
Birthplace : Hops Sultanah aminah JB *Rawk Hehee
Current Location : Taman Rinting , Masai
Eye color : Black
Hair color : A lil Brownish (:
Height : Only 148 cm --'
Weight : 51kg *Gemukkk (!)
Piercing :Yes i have (:
Tatoos : Temporary cool kan ? Hehee
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : GIRLFRIEND (S)
Vehicle : I didnt have it yet but , Mini Cooper Please ? Hikhik ♥
Overused Phrase : Hahahah *laughing laa ;)


Food : Anything yg okayy (; Im not the choosy one lahh
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Currently restaurant laa (:
Candy : Lolipop cute kan ? Hihi ♥
Numb : 2,4,6 nd 25 !
Colour : Rainbow ♥
Animal : Idk
Drink : Sky Juice
Body part on Opposite sex : Extremly sukaa tgk bibir and rambut Hahahaaa
Perfume :With Love from Silky Girl ♥
TV Show : America's Next Top Model , The Kardashians Mtv Hits ,E! nd Starworld *Addicted
Music Album : Takde yg specific Sorry (:
Movie : Haa banyakkkkkk
Actor/Actress : Vanessa Hudgens

This or That

Pepsi or Coke : Vanilla Coke Hikhik
McDonalds or BurgerKing : Mcdonald Fillet-o-Fish *yumyyyy ♥
Chocolate or Vanilla : Both laa hihi
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot chocolateee Cofee? Yucks ! Hahaha
Kiss or Hug : Bothhhhhhhhh please ? Hahahahah
Dog or Cat : Cat laa kan
Rap or Punk : Rap
Summer or Winter : Winter kat Paris Hahahah *angan angan pasti akan jadi kenyataan Wink
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Scaryyyyyyy
Love or Money : Money never break my heart Like love did (:


Bedtime : After 1 in the morning *After this takde lagi dahh Sekolahh --'
Most Missed Memory : Past is past :')
Best phyiscal feature : Rambut * mata sayaa
First Thought Waking Up : Malam tadi aku tidurr lambat seyy --' *sambil mata yg nak tanak bukak
Ambition : A good person (:
Best Friends : AfiqaMussa RusdeeRoslee Nd my Wynlift Girls ♥
Weakness : buat masa sekarang Sekolahh Hahaa
Longest relationship : 7 Monthh :')


Cheated Your Partner : Never *i guess Harharr
Ever been beaten up : Yolaa kecikkecik dulu Hehee
Ever beaten someone up : Adik lahh mangsa Hahaa
Ever Shoplifted : -
Ever Skinny Dipped : --'
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : Hihi ♥
Been Dumped Lately : never happen


Favorite Eye Color : Black ♥
Favorite Hair Color : Brown cool kan? Hehee
Short or Long : Long pon okayy ape Tapi tanak laa sampai nampak macam girl kan --'
Height : Taler than me ofc ! Tapi please jgn tinggi sgt Hahaa
Style : Yang Zac Efron or JB wannabe boleh tak? Hahahaaa
Looks or Personality : Yeahh both ♥
Hot or Cute : Cute? I prefer gentle ♥
Muscular or Really Skinny : Muscular tak muscular sgt aa Hahahaaa


What country do you want to Visit : Paris Please (!)
How do you want to Die : Dalam Iman nd tade cedera ape2 okayy :') Aminnnn ♥
Been to the Mall Lately : Last Mondayy
Get along with your Parents : Not really --'
Health Freak : Sometimes --'
Do you think your Attractive : Not really
Believe in Yourself : Not really to Hiihi
Want to go to College : Yes im so sure Okayy
Do you Smoke : No (:
Do you Drink : no and won't
Shower Daily : Yess
Been in Love : Was
Do you Sing : Favourite past time ♥
Want to get Married : Semua org nak kan --'
Do you want Children : Yaa nak teruskan warisan Hahaa *poyooo
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : When i meet my husband
Hate anyone : Yes !
How old you partner : No i did'nt have okayy --'

Finishe huh ?
Okayy im DONE Hahahaa sumpahh banyak sgt dugaan nak siapkan Tag niyy --'